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RAGERLAZER was brought on board to design the lighting systems for the newly opened cabaret dining experience in Palm Springs, the second location of the
world renown AsiaSF.

AsiaSF features performances that needed proper theatrical lighting, along with show lighting to highlight the various styles of performances by the Ladies of AsiaSF.

We designed lighting, control, and integration into the overall space, and decor pieces to bring the space to life. The main feature of the dining room is a hurricane shutter Shoji wall, with RGB LED strips that can create numerous colors, and effects, and provide a large backdrop to the many performances. LED table lighting, stage washes, and moving lights add to the experience and take guests on a journey via light.

The nightclub, Forbidden City, features a mirror ball cluster and a circle truss setup, with moving lights, and truss toners for a big room feel. The Lotus Lounge features static LED wash and profile fixtures to tone the room, and create various moods with bold washes, or bright pastel tones.

A custom designed lantern chandelier is the centerpiece of the entrance, and is pixelmapped and runs various colorway effects, and patterns to bring life to the lanterns.

A Hog4 RackHog with a Hoglet surface is the powerhouse for the venue, running nine universes of control. Integrated with this system, are three Doug Fleenor Design ReRun units that control the nightclub, lounge, and entry separately. These units playback looks and scenes, while also actively receiving data should control need to be taken over.

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